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ANC England is pleased to present

JOCS FLORALS REVIVAL 2014 in Cambridge

1324 - First Jocs Florals celebration in Toulouse

1328-1356- Structure of grammatical and poetic nature of Jocs Florals was issued

1338 - Jocs Florals celebration in Lleida

1393 - Jocs Florals celebration in Barcelona

1398 - Marti I gives Jocs Florals royal status

XV century – Jocs Florals was replaced by eminently religious festivities

1859 - Jocs Florals comes back in Barcelona

1879 - Jocs Florals named ‘Lo Rat Penat’ in Valencia

1924 - Jocs Florals named ‘Ginesta d’Or’ in Roussillon

1956 - Jocs Florals celebration returns to Europe after three years in America. Celebrated in Cambridge

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Fri 03/10/2014 16:00h

Inaugural Ceremony

Fri 03/10/2014 16:30h

Poetry Recital (3 pairs)

Fri 03/10/2014 19:30h 

Live Music

Sat 04/10/2014 10:00h 


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